The results are in the journey, not the destination

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I am a Female Only Personal Trainer & Body Mindset Coach based in Milton Keynes.

I have spent the last 7 years helping hundreds of women to transform their bodies, gain confidence to train themselves in the gym and to fall in love with lifting weights.

I am here to help you learn how to achieve and maintain a body you absolutely adore and teach you how to genuinely enjoy working out!

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"You've helped me more than just my weight!...You've genuinely helped me improve my life, and I'm so happy I signed up when I did! I don't think I tell you enough, but I am eternally grateful."

Abie McCleaver

"...I feel bloody amazing!... I feel like a different human & so much more positive! So thank you. Honestly, someone at work commented yesterday how much of a difference they see. They said I seem happier & brighter & can tell I am not as tired. Haven't felt like that in sooo long!"

 Leah Baker







You can have total and complete control of your body.

To me personal training is more than just delivering a session to a client a couple of hours per week. 

It's about teaching someone how to have complete confidence in themselves to be able to make the adjustment necessary to get the desired results whenever you need to.

After training with me I am confidence you will not just have a beautiful body you love, but you will be able to get back to that body by yourself if you ever need to in the future. 

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"Lauren, honestly I cannot thank you enough. You have kept me motivated, dedicated & disciplined enough to start my new healthier habits more than I imagined! You have been my rock, pushing me each time but never making me feel uncomfortable. You've put up with my moans & growns & I am honestly so so grateful..."

Emma Drinkwater 

"LAUREN!! I brought this last year and it did not fit whatsoever, couldn't even do it up and now look!;...I cried - never been so motivated"

 Nicole Calzage
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